Historical Preservation 3D Scanning: Bridging the Past and Future in the Heritage Sector

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Historical Preservation

3D scanning technology revealing ancient artefacts

In the bustling intersection of history and modern technology, 3D scanning emerges as a beacon of innovation. The Artec Space Spider, known for its high-resolution capture and immaculate detail, perfectly embodies this blend of past and present.

Decoding York’s Roman Mystery with 3D Tech

Take, for instance, the recent archaeological strides in York. Centuries-old Roman burial practices, long shrouded in mystery, were unveiled with groundbreaking clarity, all thanks to historical preservation 3D scanning. These scans brought to light the unique Roman burial method of encasing bodies in liquid gypsum. As the gypsum solidified around the clothed bodies, it formed an intricate mould, preserving details like the contour of clothing and even the faintest imprints of shrouds. This discovery, pivotal in itself, also underscores the vast potential of 3D scanning in historical preservation.

Why Artec Space Spider Stands Out

Central Scanning, with its arsenal of advanced tools like the Artec Space Spider, is poised at the forefront of such historical revelations. The scanner’s unmatched capability to discern the minutest nuances ensures every artefact, every relic, and every piece of history is captured with unparalleled precision.

Beyond Heritage: The Spider’s Web of Applications
But the realm of the Artec Space Spider stretches beyond heritage. Its precision is an invaluable asset in forensics, where details can make or break a case. In education, it paves the way for interactive learning experiences, allowing students to delve into digital recreations of archaeological sites or ancient artefacts.

Central Scanning’s Vision and Promise

At Central Scanning, our mission transcends selling equipment. We’re opening doors to the past, championing accurate detail capture, and shaping how we interact with history. Our extensive experience with historical preservation 3D scanning solutions, especially the Artec Space Spider, positions us uniquely to cater to diverse sectors, from heritage and education to forensics.

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