A multipurpose 3-D Modeler for Faster Solutions.

Design the way you think

Our vision from the beginning was to bring 3-D to everyone by providing a simple, fast, flexible design
tool. We believe a 3-D tool should be so simple, anyone can learn it quickly and have fun while doing so.
Imagine, design, make and realize your ideas faster with ANSYS SpaceClaim®
Design Faster with:
• Full part and assembly modeling
• Detailed drawings including full 2-D/3-D GD&T
• Photorealistic rendering capabilities with Keyshot
• Open/edit files from neutral and native CAD systems
• Complete help guide and tutorials for a rapid start

Reverse Engineering

For reverse engineering, SpaceClaim is unmatched in terms of power, ease of use and flexibility. You can
quickly build complex solids or use direct modeling commands while referencing an STL model. SpaceClaim automatically fits surfaces to complex shapes while still enabling you to edit the fine details. These
same intuitive tools can be used to build fixtures or construct mating components as needed.
Why Leverage SpaceClaim for Reverse Engineering?
• Automatic surface fitting along facets of any STL file
• Create and modify highly organic skinned surfaces
• Sketch curves along the facets of an STL file
• Easily create fixtures around faceted data
• Rapid blending of period loops in recreating complex geometry


Use ANSYS SpaceClaim for all Fluids, Structures and Electronics model preparation to remove geometry bottlenecks and get your models to analysis faster. You can open data from any CAD system,
edit designs and prepare them for simulation without relying on CAD export, no matter where the
model was created.
Use SpaceClaim to:
• Repair dirty geometry and restore model integrity
• Construct simplified representations of models, such as volume
extractions, enclosures, beams, and midsurfaces
• Remove rounds and small, irrelevant features or components
• Edit and modify imported models
• Accurately wrap electric traces to any substrate shape


No other tool is faster to use and does a better job editing geometry, cleaning up corrupt or difficult
CAD data, and quickly designing jigs and fixtures. SpaceClaim is the only solution on the market today
that helps machinists complete jobs quickly while minimizing downtime on the shop floor.
Key Features:
• Open, edit, and prepare parts from any CAD system
• Easily convert DXF/DWG files into 3D data for machining
• Jig, fixture, tooling, and mold design
• Optimize models by editing rounds, chamfers, hole sizes, and
draft angles
• Integrated standard parts from Traceparts or Cadenas libraries
• Leverage strategic partnerships with CAM providers like Mastercam,
GibbsCAM, Espirit, MecSoft Corporation, and SigmaTEK

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